A quick look at some of our most popular tiles in each category.  Come visit us or schedule an in-home appointment for an even wider variety of choices!

Wood-Look Tiles

Trecenta Blanco 9.5x34.5
Trecenta Beige 9.5x34.5
Trecenta Gris 9.5x34.5
Trecenta Taupe 9.5x34.5
Trecenta Install
Serrana Blanco 9.4x34.6
Serrana Beige 9.4x34.6
Serrana Gris 9.4x34.6
Serrana Taupe 9.4x34.6
Serrana Caoba Install
Anadon Blanco 9.4x34.6
Anadon Beige 9.4x34.6
Anadon Taupe 9.4x34.6
Anadon Install
Palencia Beige 9x35
Palencia Gris 9x35
Palencia Taupe 9x35
Escada Blanco 9.4x34.6
Escada Beige 9.4x34.6
Escada Gris 9.4x34.6
Escada Install
Olvera Blanco 9.5x34.5
Olvera Beige 9.5x34.5
Olvera Gris 9.5x34.5
Olvera Install
Edgewood Stone 6x24
Edgewood Steel 6x24
Edgewood Boulder 6x24
Edgewood Graphite 6x24
Cabin Denali
SM Creme 12x24
SM Tan 12x24
SM Grey 12x24
CO Crystal 12x24
CO Steel 12x24
Noce 12x24
Bianco 12x24
Hall 12x24
Pass 12x24
Trail 12x24
Ivory 4x8
Graphite 4x8
Sunset 4x8
Ivory Hexagon
Graphite Hexagon
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Concrete-Look Tiles

Patterned and Brick-Look Tiles

Stone-Look Tiles

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